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Well, I guess you'll say:

What can make me feel this way?

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『 Kornet, the Popcorn 』
8 January
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  • pandarot@livejournal.com

pandadog: This is pandarot's LJ

Kornet here - eighteen and a proud pinay, though she is usually mistaken as Chinese for her slight chinita looks and awkward Tagalog speaking. She draws, she writes, and sometimes, she makes layouts and icons.

Current Fandom(s): Kingdom Hearts, D.Gray-Man, and Fullmetal Alchemist

♥ WIPs, ideas, RL, etc. are flocked.
♥ Finished works, including the sketch series, are all in public. (crossposted)
Feel free to defriend me any time if you think I'm not interesting enough to you - I certainly won't hate you for it. This is my happy face :D!

cor_net; shared fic journal
colorbars and fanlisting; support
gigiicons; layout

previous interests are erased

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