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FMA fic: 'Solace' (Ed x Roy, PG-13)

"All you need in the world is love and laughter. That's all anybody needs. To have love in one hand and laughter in the other." - August Wilson

Title: Solace (Edited Version)
Author: pandarot
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ed x Roy
Word Count: 576
Spoilers: (Quick) mention of Ishbal war, but that's that.
Warnings: Slight angst and drama
Summary: Everyone believes that Roy Mustang has everything, but is he really?
Notes: To be honest, this is an old work I've written a long time ago (back then when I just saw episode 01-08). I honestly like the whole idea so I edited it. Hope you'll like. ^_^

( Who would have thought that his comfort had been near to him all along? )

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[art] 'Welcome Home' (Roy x Ed, G)

My list of giftart is done, and therefore, I need to concentrate on my Roy/Ed 45 themes again. I'm trying to color all my linearts 'cause I only have two more days left to slack off. Go me. -_-;;

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*looks at the time* Will reply on stuffs tomorrow and post what happened yesterday...hopefully. *dead*


To suncherub: Thanks again for the help! I tried to do use your suggestion because it's way cooler than what I could come up with, but I still need names and, uh, the title of the manga. ^^;; But anyways, I picked two samples from the first six (?) chapters for you to see: 01 and 02. The dialogues are just draft so excuse me if they're bad. ^^;;

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[art] 'Only When I Sleep' (Natsume x Ruka, G)

*takes a deep breath* All right. I finished another giftart, and I come bearing another NatsuRuka fanart for everyone. This one is dedicated to my Ate bathala, who is so kind to even send me her copy of Gakuen Alice episodes. <33 Words (and this drawing) can't express how much I appreciate that! Hope you'll like it. =3 *points an accusing finger towards darkmaestrox and kyoy* This is all your fault! XD;;

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[art dump] 'Close' (1 BLTA!Roy x Ed, 1 Al x Winry, fluff, G-PG)

To those people who are wondering why I'm gone yesterday, it's because I'm finishing the giftarts I promised to do, and also to win the bet suncherub and I had the other day. About what, you ask? She said if I could - at least - finish my two drawings in one whole day, she'll buy me anime stuff. However, if she won, I'd write that Roy/Ed fic she's bugging me to do, using that prompt I believe is impossible to use unless it's crack. -_-;; What can I say? She's pure evil. But I love her for it because she always motivates me to work on them. XD;; *glomps her cousin*

Inevitably, she won the bet. I failed to finish my drawings in one effing day 'cause I'm slow like that (1 drawing = whole day). -_-;; Sorry for the lame title - I can't think of anything better at the moment. ^^ Since I'm listening to Close (by Paolo Santos) right now, I thought it fit these two pictures. After all, they're all 'smile-smile!' and, uh, close to each other in here, so...yeah. ^_^;; [/LAME EXCUSE]

Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Roy x Edward
Rating: PG, just to be safe ^^
Notes: A BLTA fanart I drew in early June, but I only finished coloring it today. Also part of the Roy/Ed 45 themes, under '02. I'm going'. It's also quite...fluffy? ^^;;

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Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Alphonse x Winry
Rating: G
Notes: So last June, I had this guess-my-favorite-character meme in my LJ like everyone else did. Since miokohagata got most of the correct answers, she gets a fanart from me. XD;; She said she wants an Al/Winry, and I delivered. Mio, this one's for you - hope you'll like it! =3

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Two down, and two more giftarts to go! I really need to finish these before the last week of July comes. *determined look* suncherub, are you awake? Let's talk on the phone! =3

- - - - -


Sabihin Mo Na by Top Suzara again, just because it's uber <33.

[UruMani] Nina Sakura

[Gakuen Alice] Natsume x Ruka Wallpaper + Song Rec

1024x768 // 800x600

So when I was looking for a wallpaper to use this July (because I change mine every month f^_^;;), I thought I'd use a Natsume/Ruka one this time. Only that there's no Natsume/Ruka wallpaper out there, which made me real sad. So, I said, "Why not make my own NatsuRuka wallpaper instead?"

...hence, the result. This is my first wallpaper, and believe it or not, this took me a whole day to finish. O_O Again, the whole picture was edited/photo-manipulated by me. Credit goes to Rebel-Heart for the brushes and Hybrid Genesis for the lovely background, which I resized and tweaked a bit 'cause the original one was kinda yellow-ish. ^_^;;

Feel free to use the wallpaper as well and if you did, please don't claim it as your own. It might not be that great, but hey, I had a hard time making this wallpaper. >3

I was listening to these two songs while I was making this wallpaper so I thought I'd share them. Again, they're all OPM (Original Pilipino Music). =D The songs aren't downloadable because they're online karaokes. XD;;

1. Sabihin Mo Na by Top Suzara. I'm currently in love with this song and I totally blame My Girl for it. XD;; It's quite rockish, but I love it nonetheless. I especially love the chorus! Makes me want to sing along every time. =D
2. Nobela by Join The Club. This one has a sad tune in it, and the lyrics is nice. It's one of those songs I listen during at nights and you'll probably think the same way if you listened to it. I'm still clueless as to why Join The Club named it as Nobela (Novel), though. Ate deity_deandra, ate bathala, followthecor, and headsterns? Do you know why it's named that way? =3

EDIT: The cover of the latest chapter of Gakuen Alice (Chapter 64) is LOVE, including the texts beside it. ;____; kid!Ruka is so cute and my hunch about Natsume is right (surprisingly). <33 And just so you know, according to the cover, Gakuen Alice (anime) will be played again in Japan on August 10, 2006. =D

[UruMani] Nina Sakura

[art] 'Library', for artificial_yum (Roy x Ed, G)

Okay, so I'm back again to finish the giftarts and the rest of Roy/Ed 45 themes. I think I became (more) rusty after being stuck in the hospital for a long time, and I need to do something about it. -_-;;

Anyways, this one is my advance birthday gift/exchange giftart for albel because it's more practical than giving something late all the time. f^_^;; And, yes, this is also part of the Roy/Ed 45 themes, under '04. Library'. ^_^

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I still have four more giftarts to work on so wish me luck! ^^

[UruMani] Nina Sakura

And this is where we all part ways...for now.

Well, I don't think anyone would care that much anyway, but just in case some of you wonder where I am, I'll be gone for a few days. It seems that both of my asthma and heart problem are reacting again, and since it's been nine years since this last happened, I think it's worse this time around. I'm always short of breath for some reasons, and it's hard for me to do anything strenuous because my body keeps hurting every time. The doctor said it would be better if I admitted myself to the hospital because that way, I'd be given further attention/check-ups, etc.

Yep. I'm going to be stuck in the hospital for a few days (although to be honest, I'm not sure if it's going to be only a few days), and I thought I'd say it in advance this time. I don't want people to go 'WTF?' at me again, after those terrible weeks when I had a chicken pox and people thought I ignored them or something. ^^;; *sighs* Another days without my compy by my side...how sad. *sulks*

So, I want to request something - and I hope you guys don't mind me asking for it - but can you guys...

...spam me?

Anything would do - I just want to see something good after a long hard day, and, uhm, that would mean a lot. Seriously. I really hope I'm not asking too much. *blushes*

*picks her bag* Oh well, I have to go now. I hope you guys have a nice day! ^^ And I won't even ask for you to pray for me, because that just sounds a little too dramatic for me. I'm not dying! XD;;

*hugs all her flist*

[UruMani] Nina Sakura

[art] 'The Pain of Letting Go' (Natsume x Ruka, G)

One good thing about listening to audio/radio dramas is that they give you lots of art/fic bunnies in mind. Gakuen Alice's radio drama (Story 01) is definitely my favorite among the three. Ruka might be under the love potion, but heck, at least I've heard him say 'I love you' to Natsume. That's what I call fanservice. XD;;

So, yep, it's Natsume/Ruka this time. This is my first time drawing them together so I'm sorry if I got the hair all wrong. ^^;; I just realized that I got a thing for angsty scenes lately, and I'm not an angsty person in the first place. O__O

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Three down, and I still got five more drawings to go. And they're all for the Roy/Ed 45 themes. ^_^;;


You know you're obsessed when you made a community for your neglected OTP. *points natsuruka*

Cor, it's your fault! XD;;

[UruMani] Nina Sakura

[art] 'The Bean and the Colonel' (Roy x Ed, Crack, PG-13)

Today's Independence Day, but here I am again, locked inside my room. *sweatdrops* Sorry if I sounded like I'm on crack in my last post, BTW - that's what you get when you got lack of sleep or something. Seriously. -_-;;

And this is weird, but lately, I fancy the idea of changing my username into pokkoru (<-- don't know where this idea came from). Only that people seemed to know me better as pandarot a.k.a spamming brat, and I figured it would surprise everybody if they saw a stranger's name under their flist. XD;; Funny how I always come up with strange names. *hits herself with a mallet*


Anyways, a few weeks ago, I reread Private Label's bean!Ed series, and I came up with this crack idea all of a sudden. Anyone here is familiar with 'The Frog and the Princess' story? If so, that's where I got this crack in the first place. XD;; And I swear I'm working on the Roy/Ed 45 themes. I'm coloring #2 already. ^^;;

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BTW, how do you add a title (and a subtitle) in a community? Stupid question, yes, but the title/subtitle section is no longer in the personal info page, so...help? =3

EDIT: Will respond to flist's entries/comments tomorrow because me and followthecor are trying to break the LJ as we speak. XD;; *passes out*

EDIT 2: suncherub wrote a crack! XD;;

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[WIP/art] Roy/Ed 45 Themes

Pairing: Roy Mustang x Edward Elric
Status: 8/45
Last Update: Friday, October 27, 2006

01.Good Morning 02.I'm going 03.One Year
04.Library 05.Hometown 06.Hair
07.National Alchemist 08.Chance 09.Burn
10.Station 11.Notebook 12.Midsummer Day
13.Flowers 14.Last Kiss 15.Sigh
16.Promise 17.Tears 18.Telephone
19.Automail 20.Overtime 21.Difference
22.Back 23.Wait (a sec) 24.Alone
25.Beach 26.Name 27.Sleeping face
28.Beginning 29.Pathetic 30.Restraint
31.Body heat 32.Is this love? 33.Instinct
34.Nails 35.Where you are 36.Wound; blood
37.Distance 38.Control 39.Ten (10)
40.Lieutenant Hawkeye 41.Don't touch me! 42.Invasion
43.Hey 44.Clouds 45.Welcome Home

...I guess it wouldn't hurt to try this? Feel free to give me suggestions because I really need them for some in this list. ^_^;; *am working on 2, 38, and 30 (<--not sure if my drawing fits this category just yet) at the moment* Perhaps this is the right time to overcome my fear in drawing pr0n? XD;; *gets shot* If I figured how to post Japanese texts in the LJ, I'd post the original texts in here as well. ^_^;;

NOTE: Am locking this post to the few people in my list because this is where I try to brainstorm ideas for the aforementioned themes. If in case you're not interested to see this list, please tell me so that I could get you off of this filter. ^_^;; Already unlocked. Let's see if this will hold my interest longer or not. XD;;