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So we have a study period...

"I'm a luggage! I don't need a passport!" - Shuichi Shindou [Gravitation/Anime]

I returned from school again yesterday, so I don't have time to write anything in my LJ. ^__^ But anyway, seeing that I only have one homework today, and it's only about History of Computer, I finished it right away. ^__^ Also, I'm kinda in a happy mood today because it is declared in our school that this year (2005-2006) every section has study period in the library, which will be held every Friday beginning tomorrow. I think it's really nice considering that I don't have any assignments to do anymore (besides probably, shutting my noisy classmates up >_>), and I could use my 50 minutes by reading some books. ^__^

Anyhow, does anyone here remembered me mentioning about a Quatre Tohma-look-alike drawing I did simultaneous to my Duo-pulling-a-Shuichi-pose? Well, I'm kinda having a problem with the supposed to be 1+2+1 Gravitation picture (it's so damn hard! >_<), so I thought of scanning this Quatre pic instead. ^__^ It's drawn without a reference, and I tried to change my style a bit (actually, the eyes were inspired to the Gravitation Anime's). Instead of the monotonous Tone Balance and Color Adjustment, I played with the Color Balance a little, and guess what? I had this scarlet hue line art as an outcome! ^o^ Personally, I find this style nice because I'm really wanting to know how some fan art artists in the net (particularly at DeviantART) before when I was just starting to use Pixia. Might as well try it again next time! ^__^

...So, hehe, here's the sketch first. It's not really the original -- as I said, it was edited and tinted with red hue. I drew this again in my Dilbert's Meeting Book while I was writing a drabble (you might notice the word 'this bear...' at Quatre's shoulder XD). You could say that it was this picture that started this Gravi ideas inside me! XD

Quatre equals Tohma (sketch)

Now, for the colored version...

Quatre Raberba Winner = Tohma Seguchi

Quatre Raberba Winner equals Tohma Seguchi (colored)

x It all started with suncherub's idea (and I'm sure everyone else as well) about Quatre and Tohma solid likeness in terms of physical appearance. And so, for fun, I decided to draw Quatre like Tohma, though I'm sure the dress is really different from Tohma's original ones. O_o
x I LOVE Orikasa Ai, and I LOVE both Tohma and Quatre very much. Do I need to say more? XD
x Believe it or not, I drew this while I was listening to Super Drive (both original and Total Silence Mix), Glaring Dream, Hoshi no Manazashi, and RIVER. Too much for a simple picture, don't you think? ^__~
x Again, I colored this picture with Pixia because that is probably the only program I find so easy to use. *sweatdrops* It is also drawn with my ball pen...again. XD

So when will I draw again, you say? I don't know. *sweatdrops* Just wait and see what I'd come up in the future. ^_^ *is planning to change her icons again after some time*</p>
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