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[art] Kingdom Hearts, Riku/Sora, G

Remember when I said I'd finish the next giftart soon? Well, here it is! =D

Series: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: Riku/Sora
Rating: G
Notes: Finally, I finished this one yesterday. It certainly took me the rest of the day (as always) to finish this thing, so I decided to just post it in the morning. -_-;; Oh well. This one's for you, dualshine! =D

Riku/Sora: Happy Birthday, Dual! =D

(BELATED) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DUAL! Again, I'm so sorry if it took me so long to post this. ^^;; Err...I got the inspiration from reading the short summary of her "Join the Struggle team!" fic, but it ended up looking nowhere near the fic, sorry. -_-

This drawing just...frustrates me. Big time. I always notice the mistakes after I scan my linearts, and that's just annoying. D= This one, for example, is very unproportional. Mostly on Sora's part, but that's because I had to squish him in that small paper where I drew the lineart. The other team members were supposed to be in the background, but I had to cut them (along some parts) and change Sora's socks into stripes to cover up some of the mistakes. I think they're still obvious, though. -_-;; *tries to ignore how short Sora's other arm and legs are to no avail*

Man...I don't even know what I've been thinking when I drew their clothes. Fashion police, anyone? ^^;; I made them wear a matching color because I can't think of a good color to use with a red lineart. *facepalm* I really do fail at drawing them as adults. *sulks*

I keep saying this will be the last time I'd make a birthday art, but what the hell, I keep doing it anyway. -_-;; I hope you like it, though, Dual. ^^;; Two down, and two more to go! *goes back to playing*

I'll crosspost this next time. I think. *haven't crossposted anything in a while* Already did. I apologize if you see this post many time! >_<;;

Series: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing/Characters: Sora, Riku, and Kairi (Destiny Trio)
Rating: G
Notes: A birthday gift to my best RL friend in the world: Hazel. =3

Other version: 1 // 2

EDIT: I know it's in the previous post, but I decided to put this in here as well before I crosspost. ^^;; Sorry if you see this twice, flist!

I have a question to all the artists in my flist: I heard that OpenCanvas is good for drawing linearts, but does it have a Pen Tool that operates the same way as the one in Adobe Photoshop? Like, with the curve lines and all? I don't have a tablet, you see, so that's why I do things manually. ^^;; I'd really appreciate your help! *blushes*

*looks at her flist* I'm...behind again, I know. I promise I'll get back on you guys! >_<;;

Tags: art, destiny trio, drawing, giftart, help, kairi, kingdom hearts, lineart, riku, riku/sora, sora

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