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[art] Kingdom Hearts, Destiny Trio, G

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HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEST RL FRIEND, HAZEL ANN LOMBOY!! I just finished this thing right now (as I promised I would), so I really hope you'd see this before you leave!

I may not say it to you in all those times we're together, but...thank you. So, so much. You're the first friend I've met here in America, and I had so much fun being with you! I used to feel so out of place in Stagg, but thankfully, you changed everything. You're, like, my missing half or something. With you, I can talk about almost anything - anime, manga, games, (mystery) books, etc.!

Anyway, here's my small gift (even though you didn't give me anything on my birthday! XD). You're the one who got me really into Kingdom Hearts, so I drew this. XD;; I think I owe that game for getting us closer, haha. You complained about the lack of Kairi in my Christmas gift, so there. XD Sorry if they're kids, though - you know I fail at drawing them as teens. XD;;

It looked rush, I know, and there's a lot of mistakes as always, but I still hope you'll like it. ^^;; It would be really different without seeing you at school. I really hope that we'd still get in touch even after you moved out (sa Bay area, right?). I'll miss you.

Kornet ♥

Sorry guys for the lack of post (again). Been busy playing lots of games lately since the last day of school. I just need to post this thing right now before she leaves. (Hopefully, I could post the promised stuffs some time. >_<;;)

Tags: art, destiny trio, drawing, flist, giftart, goodbye, kingdom hearts, rl

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