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[art + music] 'By Your Side' (Ouran, Mori/Hani, G) and Music Upload


Err. *clears throat* Sorry for the sudden outburst. ^^;; I'm just so happy because STAR lasted for a whole month, and it's the one that keeps me from updating in my LJ. Aurgh. Not that the tests were hard - since this is my first time taking them, I want to be prepared so I studied real hard. ^^;;

Did I mention that I don't like Block schedule that much? Staying two hours in my 2, 4, and 6 class is pretty fun to say the least, but I don't like my 1, 3, and 5 class that much. Especially Period 3. American Government is an okay subject for me - it's the teacher that I can't stand. I'm...scared of her. ^_^;; I usually find myself stammering when she talks to me, and that's just plain weird. Never mind the fact that she makes fun of the way most Asians dress, or the way Filipinos talk, but...yeah.

So, yeah, I'm very thankful that everything is over. At least for now. I have a three days weekend because of Memorial Day, so I can finally concentrate on my LJ, my WIP fanfic-based Riku/Sora doujinshi, and my finals. Must not forget about the finals. I have to make a full-process essay for Mark Antony from Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar (Haha, my first Shakespeare XD *been so used to Rizal's works in the Philippines*) and Civil Rights Movement essay in two of my English classes, a portfolio (which is different from the way we do it in Phil.) about Native Americans in AmeGov, animation project using PowerPoint in Webpage Design, and a long test in US History. I have to say, out of all the things I've said there, I especially enjoy working on the animation project even though it's difficult to work on it in PPT when we could just use Flash. XD I wish I could show mine to you guys, because it's full of crack. XD We're required to do comedy, that's why. XD;;

As for life: Well, after ten months, I finally got used to how American schools work - yes, I had my ups and downs, and I want to thank albel and Ate bathala for comforting me when I was so down about what happened to school lately. I'm still having a hard time to accept the truth, but with the help of my US History teacher and you guys, I think it's only right to move on with a smile. I really shouldn't let that one problem ruin me, and I'm sure that this happened for a reason. shirina_chan, you have no idea how much you makes me happy. Thanks for sticking with me all the time! *superglomps*

So how are you guys? I'm sorry for neglecting my LJ again and again, and I feel bad for not commenting on your LJs, especially to my new LJ friends. *is already leaving a bad impression on them*

Series: Ouran High School Host Club
Pairing: Takashi Morinozuka + Mitsukuni Haninozuka
Rating: G
Notes: First time drawing the Ouran characters. This is something I pulled up after seeing episode 12, because it's effing love. <3 Hope you guys will like it!

Mori/Hunny by pandarot
DA link: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/55557626/

[Crossposted in various communities to spread the MoriHani love. Sorry about that!]

I promised myself not to point out any of the mistakes I see there. *trying to build up her self-esteem*

As corny as it may sound, I did this as a sort of thank you gift to the Ouran anime for cheering me up in the past few days. With all the bad things that happened to school lately, I was surprised that the anime got me LOL-ing so hard with all its crack and jokes.

I honestly believe this is one of the best anime I've seen/watched, so that's why I was so sad when I finished the series. ;_; Why didn't I watch this series when it first came out?! *hates self*

But anyways, I love most of the pairings in Ouran, and I really don't mind who ends up with who (although I'm kinda leaning to Tamaki/Haruhi more) in the end. My most favorite pairing in Ouran, however, is Mori/Hunny. I mean, I just love their relationship/interaction, and I salute the anime for making their relationship...BL-ish. XD;; You won't believe how much I squee-d at Episode 12, just for that "most important person" line. XD Too bad this pairing is not as popular as the other pairings. *wants to see more stuff for her Ouran OTP*

Music Upload
a.k.a the songs I listened to when I drew/colored this picture XD

Love so Sweet by Arashi. I totally blame this Mori/Hunny music video because the timing is great and the music that person used got stuck on my head for weeks. 0_0 I can't help it - I just love the tune (especially in the beginning and the near end of the song), and, well. Mori/Hani? XD;;

Awit Para sa Kanya by True Faith. True Faith is definitely one of my favorite bands in the world, just 'cause I love most of their songs. I really like this song, and whenever I listen to it, I get inspired because I just love listening to it. I just wished I could get a better quality of this song, but sadly, this is all I have. =( Actually, True Faith's songs remind me a lot of NatsuRuka, but that's a different story. XD;;

I'll have the next batch of Sketch series uploaded tomorrow. Hopefully. =3

Tags: art, drawing, flist, mori/hunny, music, ouran, rl, school, test, thank you

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