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[gift] Belated Happy Birthday, misao_duo and strawberrykaoru!

First of all, I want to thank kill_me_faster for giving me a paid account! God knows how happy I am to receive such gift from you, and I'm sure you already know that in our previous talk. I'm sorry if my 'thank you' note sounded really, uhm, incoherent and dumb at that time. *hides face in shame* So yes, I automatically changed my layout and took new icons! As much as I love my previous Sora layout, I've always wanted to use the Boxer layout - it looks really pretty, IMO. <3

My Girl (Korean Drama)That being said, what's up with my sudden interest with My Girl? Yes, I'm talking about the song, the movie, and the Korean drama. Okay, so I do love that Koreanovela - it's one of the only shows I've bothered watching (and loved) back then when I was still in the Philippines. It's just sad I didn't see the ending in the local dub because I really enjoyed the voice-acting and, uhm, the 'fake' background music. XD Nonetheless, my aunt sent me the DVD of all the My Girl episodes, and guess what, I've been watching it all day long last weekend. 8D At first it was weird because I'm not used to hearing their original voices (and the lack of My Girl and Sabihin Mo Na songs feel strange), but I managed to get use to it in the end. *has Sam Milby's rendition of My Girl on repeat*

As for the movie: Has any of you saw that old movie, My Girl? Watching the movie yesterday reminded me why I loved this movie when I was a kid, and I still do. There's just something about Vada (Anna Chlumsky) and Thomas (Macaulay Culkin) interaction/relationship that I find adorable, and that [spoiler] scene still makes me sad. / /corny Go check it out if you haven't do so! And this isn't to say I'm into old movies lately. Nope. //lies

Anyways! Remember the gifts? No, I haven't forgotten about them yet. In fact, I'm working on it right now, so misao_duo, this is for you! <3

Belated Happy Birthday, Misao!

Belated Happy Birthday, Misao! I tried my best to finish this as soon as possible since you sent me my birthday card on time, but I couldn't make it - I'm so sorry. ;__; And I apologize if the gift sucks - I tried to use the pop art style this time, but my drawing (and the way I colored the eyes/gift) didn't match at all. BIG OTL. I haven't drawn Duo for a long time, and I'm sure it shows in this picture. ^^;; Ahaha...aurgh.

Hope you'll like it, though!

Also, strawberrykaoru? Remember that Roy/Ed crack!fic I forgot to post I wrote for you? I already posted it in here. ^^;; Thank you (and shirina_chan) for uploading the songs, BTW! <3

Four gifts done, many more to go! *cracks knuckles*

As always, here's my music upload section:

My Girl by Sam Milby. This is the theme of song of the dubbed version of the Koreanovela, My Girl. Even though it's not the same as the Temptation's, I think Sam's version is also good. I like the timing and I think his voice fits the song just fine. ^_^

Final Distance by Utada Hikaru. I honestly didn't like this song that much compared to Deep River, but I really like the chorus and the lyrics of the song, and I can't explain why. I swear it's not because this is a Riku/Sora song. Honest! XD;;

*relaxes as CAHSEE English and Math is finally over*

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