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[art + music] 'Scrapbook' (Riku x Sora, G) for followthecor, and Music Upload

Uhm, I know it's already too late for me to say Happy New Year, more so Merry Christmas, but I want to say it anyway. And to astizya-neesan: A very, very belated Happy Birthday to you! I know I said I'd make a giftart but I decided to redraw everything in the end. I apologize for that. >_<;; I was supposed to post this yesterday if it isn't for the fact that a.) I only have a few hours to do/say what I really want, b.) I totally forgot how to use LJ again, and c.) I have no idea where to start. Aurgh. And just when I owe you guys a lot of explanation... *sighs* Thanks to shirina_chan for comforting me the last time I came here. ^^;;

I'm really sorry for not being around these past few months. My dad has a new plant manager and, unlike the previous one, that person knows how to manage time well at work. Unfortunately, this means that he gets to go home with me after school instead of...well, dropping me off at home and let me have my much deserved alone time. *moans* Times like this I wish I have my own room, but alas, life is unfair. -_-;; At least he's nice enough to let me play PS2 instead of cutting me off to everything I want. >_>

...And the way he insists me to take Driver's lesson/Driver's test isn't helping to improve my thoughts about him, either. I mean, come on! School makes me worn out already, and I have to prepare for CAHSEE/CST - I don't need another problem to deal with. >_<;; Besides, I'm terrible at directions - I might end up being lost. XD;;

Oh, well. Enough about me. I decided to give giftarts for those people I talk to most of the time in LJ. ^^;; They're, uhm, birthday gifts, and I'm sure some of them are very late now, but I still want to try since this might be the last time I might make one. ^^;; I'll try to post them anytime I finished any of them since I redrew everything - it's been a long time since I drew anything. ^^;; To my huswife, destinydivine: Do you still need a layout? If so, that's what I'm going to give you as a birthday gift. ^^;;

Series: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: Riku + Sora
Rating: G
Dedication: To the wonderful followthecor whose writing skill pwns me. And she knows it, damn it! XD;; We've been friends since...well, when I first got in to ff.net the fandom world, and I always wanted to thank you for keeping up with my stupidity before - not that it changed now. XD;; It just sucks because my birthday gift for you always come too late, and I'm really sorry about that. ^^;; I meant to draw your beloved Golden Pair, but damn, I can't draw them with my limited skillz. XD;;
Notes: Second time drawing this pairing, but it's my first time posting it in the LJ. I'm trying to aim for a photograph/scrapbook look or something, but I guess my style doesn't match up with everything. *nervous laugh* And, uhm, it's kinda fluffy? ^^;;

I haven't posted this in my Deviantart account yet, but I'll do it later on. ^^;; To be honest, I...didn't like how this turned out. ^^;; I tried to do it in Shiro Amano's style (God knows how much more I fail at doing it in Nomura's style), but I failed, and everything about this picture just looks too stiff and weird for me. -_-;; Sora's eyes is, uhm, bigger than I originally intended. I also changed the Level and made it a tad darker and added in the exclusion technique, which, obviously, screwed the picture more, IMO. But then again, compared to the previous Riku/Sora I made for you (which reminds me: did you receive it in your mail, Cor? =O), I think it's slightly better. ^^;; And yes, everyone, that's my handwriting there. That's not how I write in real life, but I figured cursive writing is more appropriate here. ^^;; And, haha, I meant to write your name in there, Cor, but it looks kinda out of place so I just replaced it with Riku's name instead. Hope you don't mind. XD;; *gets shot*

I've always wanted to draw Sora with a Mickey Mouse!hat for some reasons, and I'm kinda glad I did it. =D The pose isn't really what I want, but...meh. Much love for the pairing, especially in KHII. XD;; I am so in love with the KHII ending, it's so cute I nearly cried. ;__; ♥ *wants to ramble more about KHII in general but she doesn't have enough time to say everything she wants to say about the game*

ANYWAYS! Here's the original version of that picture if you want to see it (bigger, in original color, and without the scrapbook thing-y). Credit goes to Hybrid Genesis for the background pictures, arisubox for the design in Sora's top, teh_indy for the paperclip, dawn_icons for the tape and this tutorial. ^__^

- - - - -

That said, I've uploaded some of my favorite songs as a compensation for not being here that much. >_<;; It's more easier now to download/upload stuffs with a cable internet, so, yeah, I'm having fun. >D;; Goodbye, dial-up! *gets shot* Here goes:

Umi Ga Kikoeru ~ Main Theme (Instrumental) - This song is the main theme of Studio Ghibli's Umi Ga Kikoeru (I Can Hear the Sea) or Ocean Waves, as most Westerners know it. I'm a big fan of instrumental music, and I must say, this is one of my favorite. It's a very relaxing song, and it's good to listen at night (or if you're trying to come up with ideas or something). =D

Kiss Me Goodbye by Angela Aki - Anyone who plays FFXII knows that this is the game's theme song. I heard the English version of this song after I finished FFXII last two weeks ago, and while I also like it, I just uploaded the Japanese version for you guys. ^^;; This one's the complete version, which makes me love Vaan/Ashe more it more beautiful. <3

Itsuka by Maaya Sakamoto - One of my favorite anime ending songs all time, it reminds me a lot of how much I like Chou Hatsumei Boy Kannipan when I was young. It's kinda old, but I still love it anyway. >D;; I really like the timing and how relaxing this song is (can you see the pattern? XD;;), and of course, Maaya's voice just made it all the more better. X3 ♥

"Rashiku" Ikimasho by Meu - This song also brings back a lot of memories as it reminds me a lot how much I love Helios/Chibiusa and Seiya/Usagi and Haruka/Michiru so much. =^_^= It's definitely my most favorite ending song in the Sailor Moon series, and I love how upbeat and cute this song is. It really makes you want to sing along. XD

Passion ~ after battle version by Utada Hikaru - I actually like the the original Passion more, but since suncherub loves it and asked me to upload the song for her, I uploaded it. XD;; *is seme-d by her cousin all the time* Anyways, this is the slower version of that song, and I think it works better when it's played in-game in the ending of KHII, but I still like it nonetheless.=3

- - - - -

That's all for now. Next up is astizya-neesan's and albel's gifts. I'm going to finish up the rest of the gifts...uhm, hopefully, soon. >_<;; I apologize for the delay again! *bows head*

And just in case you're reading this, Tabe, I've just read your comment, and I'm really sorry for not replying soon. >_<;; In answer to your question, I'm just using a Pen tool in my lineart like most people do. ^^;; It can be a pain sometimes, but the outcome is really rewarding. =3

EDIT: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, soulsister16!! =3 I'm glad I made it somehow. ^^;;

Tags: drawing, fanart, games, giftart, kingdom hearts, music, riku/sora

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