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[art dump] 'Chance' (Roy x Ed, PG-13), 'Smile' (Allen Walker and Timcanpi, G)

Sorry if I disappeared again - what happened last time really affected me and I spent the days brooding about it. Haha, I'm weak. I just returned because I feel better now, and noticed once more that I'm behind in my flist again. -_-;; natsuhiiko, soulsister16, and strawberrykaoru, thanks for the support! Even though I didn't reply, your kinds words were all deeply appreciated. =)

Anyways, to compensate for my...err, absence, I made another art dump because it's easier than putting these two pictures in a separate post and spam your poor flist. ^^;; I finally figured out how to use the Pen tool in PS 6.0 so I tried to apply it here for good use. =3 Honestly, using it is really time-consuming, but hell, the lineart looks better with it! The lines look uniformed, and you can edit the thickness of the lines, etc. Very useful, indeed. *grins*

That said, this dump is also dedicated to the August celebrants out there! I hope you guys have fun in your special day. <33

Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Roy x Edward
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Part of the Roy/Ed 45 themes, under 'Chance', though to be honest, I'm not sure if this one fits the bill. Hope you'll like it. ^^

Roy, Edward, and an unexpected kiss - I always wanted to make this kind of anime!cliche scenario but I always fail at the end. XD;; This is my second try using the Pen tool so I guess I like the lines better (because it's thin) in this one than the Allen pic below. =3 I also tried to minimize the opacity of the Gaussian Blur because I'm sure everyone's already annoyed by my repeated abuse of it. XD;; Ed's outfit in there is inspired by that certain FMA scan I've seen before, and yes, that's armor!Al's hand on the side. ^^;; I still haven't figured out how to attach tiled background in PS so if anyone knows how, please help? ^^ I think it's so much easier to apply backgrounds in Pixia, but that's because I'm a complete Pixia nut-head for, like, several years. @_@

Series: D.Gray-man
Character: Allen Walker and Timcanpi
Rating: G
Notes: My first D.Gray fanart ever, so I'm sorry if I got everything wrong. ^^ This one is dedicated to albel because she has finally returned from France, and it's her (and Inma's) fault for getting me into D.Gray-man. That, and Rabi/Allen Allen Walker. *_* Hope you'll like! =3

First of, I'm really, really sorry if I got all the colors wrong. >_<;; In one picture, Allen's eyes are red, then the other have them violet, so I just picked what I'm more comfortable with. ^^;; And what's the colour of Timcanpi's cross and skin again? [/retard] Anyways, I drew this first before the Roy/Ed one above, and it's my first try using the Pen tool, so I'm sorry if the lines weren't that great.^^;; I finally figured out how to do the eyes in PS by looking at those old Bey J-fanarts I've saved, and I'm happy about it. =3 Unfortunately, I noticed that I forgot to color the star black on Allen's head only I finished everything. I hope you'll forgive me for this. -_-;;

Tabe, I remember you made me a 'Get Well Soon' gift for me before when I was in the hospital, so this is my 'Welcome Back' gift for you. =3 Equivalent trade. XD;; I may have failed to make Allen hot (and made him look girly, instead) and the glaring anatomical mistakes in there, but I still hope you'll like it. ^^;; I'm in Volume 05 at the moment because I want to take it slow since new chapters come quite slow, but I'm already loving Rabi/Allen and (slightly) Allen/Rinali. =3 I hope I could draw them someday. XD;;

- - - - -

Thus, my art dump ends here. I'm glad I finished these on time because this will be my last post for now - I'm going to leave somewhere, so I hope my flist wouldn't get mad at me for disappearing again. ;_; I promise I'll post something when I return. For now, goodbye! I'll miss you all a great deal. ;_;

Tags: allen walker, d.gray-man, drawing, fanart, fma, roy/ed, themes, timcanpi

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