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Happy Friends Day, everyone! *hugs*

*looks at the time* I'm half-way done with catching-up, so I'll continue the rest (the latter part of my flist) tomorrow morning. Just wanted to make a quick post about what I saw in misao_duo's latest post:


It's really an honor to meet and know each of you in my flist. Life wouldn't be the same again if I didn't meet you guys because for me, you all make my dull life brighter and more fun! You guys are there to help me in my problems, and you never fail to encourage me in random stuffs. For that alone, I thank you all. Very much. =3

You guys are no longer just an 'online' friends to me - I consider you all as my RL friends as well. Just thought I'd tell you that.

Much, much love for you guys. *hugs* Hope you're having a nice day today! ♥

That's all. ^^;; *signs out*

Tags: event, flist, friends day, rl, thank you

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