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[art] 'Only When I Sleep' (Natsume x Ruka, G)

*takes a deep breath* All right. I finished another giftart, and I come bearing another NatsuRuka fanart for everyone. This one is dedicated to my Ate bathala, who is so kind to even send me her copy of Gakuen Alice episodes. <33 Words (and this drawing) can't express how much I appreciate that! Hope you'll like it. =3 *points an accusing finger towards darkmaestrox and kyoy* This is all your fault! XD;;

It still confuses the hell out of me how I could draw FMA fanarts so easily when all my Gakuen Alice (especially NatsuRuka) fanarts look so forced and weird to me. ;___; *curses*

Anyways, I drew this one first before the Al/Winry fanart, so, yeah - it's the one that started the whole domestic/wearing-of-glasses thing. ^^ I really fail at drawing younger kids so they look kinda older in here - sorry about that. ^^;; Natsume's eyes are really troublesome, considering that they need a bit of work lest he'd look like a Dracula with his crimson eyes. -_-;; Everything looked...unproportional, IMO, and their faces (especially Natsume's; must be the nose) kinda bugs me. -_-;; I even saved it in GIF - Diffusion instead of GIF - Pattern; thus, the reason why the shading looks...off. Stupid me. D:

Ate bathala, sorry for the crappy gift! >_<;; *gets shot* Here's another NatsuRuka sketch I don't think I'll color because I screwed the bangs, and here's the sketch for the above picture. ^^;; I still hope you'll like them, though. ^^ *feels ashamed*

Tags: drawing, fanart, gakuen alice, giftart, natsume/ruka, natsuruka

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