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[Gakuen Alice] Natsume x Ruka Wallpaper + Song Rec

1024x768 // 800x600

So when I was looking for a wallpaper to use this July (because I change mine every month f^_^;;), I thought I'd use a Natsume/Ruka one this time. Only that there's no Natsume/Ruka wallpaper out there, which made me real sad. So, I said, "Why not make my own NatsuRuka wallpaper instead?"

...hence, the result. This is my first wallpaper, and believe it or not, this took me a whole day to finish. O_O Again, the whole picture was edited/photo-manipulated by me. Credit goes to Rebel-Heart for the brushes and Hybrid Genesis for the lovely background, which I resized and tweaked a bit 'cause the original one was kinda yellow-ish. ^_^;;

Feel free to use the wallpaper as well and if you did, please don't claim it as your own. It might not be that great, but hey, I had a hard time making this wallpaper. >3

I was listening to these two songs while I was making this wallpaper so I thought I'd share them. Again, they're all OPM (Original Pilipino Music). =D The songs aren't downloadable because they're online karaokes. XD;;

1. Sabihin Mo Na by Top Suzara. I'm currently in love with this song and I totally blame My Girl for it. XD;; It's quite rockish, but I love it nonetheless. I especially love the chorus! Makes me want to sing along every time. =D
2. Nobela by Join The Club. This one has a sad tune in it, and the lyrics is nice. It's one of those songs I listen during at nights and you'll probably think the same way if you listened to it. I'm still clueless as to why Join The Club named it as Nobela (Novel), though. Ate deity_deandra, ate bathala, followthecor, and headsterns? Do you know why it's named that way? =3

EDIT: The cover of the latest chapter of Gakuen Alice (Chapter 64) is LOVE, including the texts beside it. ;____; kid!Ruka is so cute and my hunch about Natsume is right (surprisingly). <33 And just so you know, according to the cover, Gakuen Alice (anime) will be played again in Japan on August 10, 2006. =D

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