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[art] 'The Pain of Letting Go' (Natsume x Ruka, G)

One good thing about listening to audio/radio dramas is that they give you lots of art/fic bunnies in mind. Gakuen Alice's radio drama (Story 01) is definitely my favorite among the three. Ruka might be under the love potion, but heck, at least I've heard him say 'I love you' to Natsume. That's what I call fanservice. XD;;

So, yep, it's Natsume/Ruka this time. This is my first time drawing them together so I'm sorry if I got the hair all wrong. ^^;; I just realized that I got a thing for angsty scenes lately, and I'm not an angsty person in the first place. O__O

...somehow, this reminds me a lot of my first Roy/Ed drawing. O__o I'll post the original (no background) version of this picture if you guys want. ^^;;

Three down, and I still got five more drawings to go. And they're all for the Roy/Ed 45 themes. ^_^;;


You know you're obsessed when you made a community for your neglected OTP. *points natsuruka*

Cor, it's your fault! XD;;

Tags: drawing, fanart, gakuen alice, natsume/ruka

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