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[art] 'The Bean and the Colonel' (Roy x Ed, Crack, PG-13)

Today's Independence Day, but here I am again, locked inside my room. *sweatdrops* Sorry if I sounded like I'm on crack in my last post, BTW - that's what you get when you got lack of sleep or something. Seriously. -_-;;

And this is weird, but lately, I fancy the idea of changing my username into pokkoru (<-- don't know where this idea came from). Only that people seemed to know me better as pandarot a.k.a spamming brat, and I figured it would surprise everybody if they saw a stranger's name under their flist. XD;; Funny how I always come up with strange names. *hits herself with a mallet*


Anyways, a few weeks ago, I reread Private Label's bean!Ed series, and I came up with this crack idea all of a sudden. Anyone here is familiar with 'The Frog and the Princess' story? If so, that's where I got this crack in the first place. XD;; And I swear I'm working on the Roy/Ed 45 themes. I'm coloring #2 already. ^^;;

These were drawn directly with a pen, so they looked kinda weird, I think. XD;;

Err...my bean!Ed is definitely bigger than Private Label's bean!Ed. -_-;; And, uh, I suck at drawing kissing scene. Sorry! XD;;

Continuation of the above. First time drawing something crackish, especially crack!Roy. And Ed? I'm sure he'd beat me for making him OOC. And damn, I forgot the automail. AGAIN. -_-;;


BTW, how do you add a title (and a subtitle) in a community? Stupid question, yes, but the title/subtitle section is no longer in the personal info page, so...help? =3

EDIT: Will respond to flist's entries/comments tomorrow because me and followthecor are trying to break the LJ as we speak. XD;; *passes out*

EDIT 2: suncherub wrote a crack! XD;;

Tags: anime, crack, drawing, fanart, fma, random, roy/ed

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