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[WIP/art] Roy/Ed 45 Themes

Pairing: Roy Mustang x Edward Elric
Status: 8/45
Last Update: Friday, October 27, 2006

01.Good Morning 02.I'm going 03.One Year
04.Library 05.Hometown 06.Hair
07.National Alchemist 08.Chance 09.Burn
10.Station 11.Notebook 12.Midsummer Day
13.Flowers 14.Last Kiss 15.Sigh
16.Promise 17.Tears 18.Telephone
19.Automail 20.Overtime 21.Difference
22.Back 23.Wait (a sec) 24.Alone
25.Beach 26.Name 27.Sleeping face
28.Beginning 29.Pathetic 30.Restraint
31.Body heat 32.Is this love? 33.Instinct
34.Nails 35.Where you are 36.Wound; blood
37.Distance 38.Control 39.Ten (10)
40.Lieutenant Hawkeye 41.Don't touch me! 42.Invasion
43.Hey 44.Clouds 45.Welcome Home

...I guess it wouldn't hurt to try this? Feel free to give me suggestions because I really need them for some in this list. ^_^;; *am working on 2, 38, and 30 (<--not sure if my drawing fits this category just yet) at the moment* Perhaps this is the right time to overcome my fear in drawing pr0n? XD;; *gets shot* If I figured how to post Japanese texts in the LJ, I'd post the original texts in here as well. ^_^;;

NOTE: Am locking this post to the few people in my list because this is where I try to brainstorm ideas for the aforementioned themes. If in case you're not interested to see this list, please tell me so that I could get you off of this filter. ^_^;; Already unlocked. Let's see if this will hold my interest longer or not. XD;;

Tags: drawing, fanart, roy/ed, themes, wip

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