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[art] 'Taking a Stroll' (Edward Elric, G)

Err, why do I always forget to post this, anyway? *scratches head* Anyways, my list of belated gifts giftarts is already done and this will be the last one for now, I think. ikuyona, here's the promised Edward fanart for you - I'm really sorry if it took me so long to post this. ^^;; Hope you'll like it!

This is the second time I drew Ed with a breadstick in his mouth (the first time was that birthday gift I did for astizya-neesan). XD;; The proportion looks a little off, I think, and I'm sorry if the colors were dull. I can't think of any color that would make Ed...well, Ed, so I just opted for the Black/Red theme instead. ^_^;;

Previous giftarts:
Rest Day (Edward Elric, G) for soulsister16
His Last Goodbye (Roy/Ed, PG) for strawberrykaoru


And oh, before I forgot! To all those fanfic writers out there: June is for Gen fics! Just thought you might be interested to know about that. ^__^ Thanks to bard_linn for the information. =D

Tags: drawing, edward elric, fanarts, fma

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