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[art] His Last Goodbye - Roy/Ed

Er...this one's a little delayed because of the, uh, wangst I did yesterday, but I hope it's not too late yet. ^_^;; This one is my very late birthday gift (should I just call it 'giftart' instead? XD;;) for strawberrykaoru. Here is your Roy/Ed fanart, Kaoru! XD;; ♥

Sorry if it came a little angsty and if it didn't came the way you wanted to in the first place. ^_^;; I guess watching A Walk to Remember and listening to Someday We'll Know repeatedly at that time gave me that kind of feeling. XD;; *loves both the song and the movie very much* Anyways, this is my first time using the Transparency plane in Pixia (Ed's tears) so if I screwed up, just give me a nudge and I'll post the no-tears (and no background) version. ^_^;; Damn, I even wrote an accompanying fic for this and I blame this all to you, strawberrykaoru! XD;;

And now I only have one fanart to post. After that, I'm back from being a slowpoke again. ikuyona, your giftart will be posted next time! =D


To followthecor: About our collaboration, you could post (flock, syempre. XD;;) the small draft we did yesterday in our fic journal and continue it there instead because I don't think I could return im YM any soon. *looks at her grandma's way* *sighs*

Tags: anime, drawing, fanart, fma, roy/ed

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