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[FMA] Al/Winry layout

So long ago, after obsessing over Al/Winry a lot, I decided I would make a layout for this pairing. I was supposed to use this for myself but then, the entry space is too narrow for my taste, so instead of throwing this, I thought I'd just share this one to you guys. ^_^ I had this one done since April but as I said, the chicken pox ruined all my plans. -_-;;

Characters/Pairing: Al/Winry (also includes Elysia)
Type: Layout - DIV/with sidebar
Made by: pandarot



1. You should have a website in your userinfo!

2. This layout is made specifically for S1 users. Therefore, you should switch to S1 in order to use this.

3. Go to Modify Journal. Once you're there, you'll see the four drop down menus under Page Layout Style. Make sure you switch everything in Generator.

4. In Color Theme, choose Custom Colors. LEAVE THEM EMPTY.

5. See the large text box there? The one where it says in large font 'this is not where you type your journal'? Well, that's where you put all the codes. ^_^ Copy this one:

6. Change everything where it says 'USERNAME' to your LJ username in order for this layout to work. That said, paste everything into that large text box and click the 'save changes' button. That's it, you're done! ^_^

- Feel free to edit the text inside the sidebar as long as you don't delete the credit part.
- You don't have to upload the header and the background of this layout anymore; it's already uploaded in imageshack to make it easier for you. =)
- For those Sponsored account users: Seeing that I finished this layout before that kind of account was made, I'm not sure if the ads would screw the whole layout or not; I haven't tested it in that account myself, so feel free to test it yourself. =) Looking at the comments below, this layout is now officially for free account users only. Seeing that I have no knowledge about Sponsored account so far, I'm really sorry about that. ^_^;; I'll try what I can next time if I ever learned how to make a layout for Sponsored users. ^_^;; It's impossible to hide the ads; LiveJournal forbids that act.

If you have any question about this layout, go ahead and leave a comment to this entry. I'll try to answer all of them. ^_^;;


That's all for now! Will probably make more FMA layouts in the future, but we'll see. ^_^;;

EDIT: The problem with the alignment of the comment links are fixed now, so please copy the new codes above again. I added something to it, too, with regards to someone's question. =)

Tags: al/winry, anime, fma, layout

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