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[art] A Family Portrait

Here's a BLTA-inspired drawing to start of. As always, Roy/Ed, with R.D on the side. Damn, I forgot Al! O__o

Roy is supposed to be leaning on Ed, but think whatever you like. ^_^;; I know; my shadowing sucks. *sigh*

soulsister16, strawberrykaoru, and ikuyona's gift arts are all done and will be posted next time. =) Hope my flist doesn't mind me posting twice in a row. ^_^;;


Oh, and I almost forgot! Happy Mother's Day to every Mothers out there! I know my mom won't see this, but still, you know that I won't be here without you there. Thanks for all the love and support - you're simply the best! Love ya! =D</p>
Tags: anime, arts, drawing, fanart, fma, roy/ed

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