March 25th, 2007

[TotA] Ion - Compromise/Suggestion

[tutorial] Adding a border to your lineart - for artificial_yum

To Tabe: Since I'm no good at explaining things through words, I'll just...uhm, do it with pictures. ^^;; Most people do things differently, but I add borders this way: [five pictures total]

Collapse )

As for your next question, I'm afraid I don't get what you mean. ^^;; Do you mean the setting I use whenever I use the Pen Tool? If that's the case, I could screencap my setting for you. Or maybe you mean the Stroke Path setting? You could simply uncheck the 'Simulate Pressure' checkbox to come up with a uniformed line. =D

I guess that's it? I hope I answered your questions all right. *scratches head* Either way, feel free to ask more if you're confused about something - I'll try to help. ^^;;

*looks at her unfinished AP US History worksheets* Aurgh, I need to finish these today! >_<;; Totally OT, but can you guys, uhm, help me with a certain prompt? ^^;; I have already written an essay for it but I'm afraid I've strayed from the prompt again. -_-;; Gawd, I suck.