July 21st, 2006

[UruMani] Nina Sakura

[art] 'Welcome Home' (Roy x Ed, G)

My list of giftart is done, and therefore, I need to concentrate on my Roy/Ed 45 themes again. I'm trying to color all my linearts 'cause I only have two more days left to slack off. Go me. -_-;;

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*looks at the time* Will reply on stuffs tomorrow and post what happened yesterday...hopefully. *dead*


To suncherub: Thanks again for the help! I tried to do use your suggestion because it's way cooler than what I could come up with, but I still need names and, uh, the title of the manga. ^^;; But anyways, I picked two samples from the first six (?) chapters for you to see: 01 and 02. The dialogues are just draft so excuse me if they're bad. ^^;;