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Honestly! X(

You know what? Having an over-protective family really does suck sometimes. All this time, they wouldn't let me go out (except when I go to school) with just myself unless my Aunt is with me. I can't even hide my personal/private stuffs sometimes because they always try to look at it. >_> Whenever my friends ask me to join them go to malls, my Grandmother would always interfere and say that 'She can't go alone because she's just a kid'. Right -- a 'kid', huh? *sigh* I'm already sixteen-years-old, damn it! How can I be independent if they won't let me do anything? Heck, I don't even know how to cook/iron my clothes even now because they won't let me do it! Someone need to hit them a big mallet. Seriously!

Anyway...*clears throat* Enough with the drama. Since we're only shortened period today ('The return of the Image of Sto. Nino') and kytyngurl2 wouldn't mind me drawing a Roy/Ed pic for real this time, I came up with a 'hug' sketch and decided I would color it to waste time. So kytyngurl2, this Roy/Ed pic is dedicated to you because you're the reason why I'm into this coupling so much right now. ^__^ Hope you like it!

Roy+Ed+Roy - My Greatest Risk Is Loving You This Much


I should really be studying right now for our exam, but...

*sketches for the promised Kai/Rei pic*

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